Prepare your skin for makeup and enhance its natural glow with Moonlight Illuminating Face Primer. This lightweight, glow boosting primer extends makeup wear, works well with other products and blends seamlessly with the skin to create perfect canvas for the ultimate makeup creations.

Enjoy the long-lasting effect of moisturized skin owing to biosaccharides and white truffle extract. Moonlight Illuminating Face Primer has the properties of a light face cream, minimizes the appearance of pores and visually improves flexibility and elasticity of the skin so you will turn heads with that flawless complexion.

Use as a makeup base or individually for the effect of naturally glowing, radiant complexion.

Hero ingredients:
– biosaccharides create a moisturizing film keeping the level of skin moisture balanced
– white truffle extract tones the skin and keeps the level of skin moisture balanced
– HD pigments reflecting light for the ultimate glow





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